Shoulder Arthroscopy

By Michael L. Adams MD

Shoulder arthroscopy is an advanced, minimally invasive, surgical technique that pays big dividends in the diagnosis and treatment of many shoulder disorders. It involves using the high definition, video arthroscope, henceforce, “scope,” through a series of small 1-2 cm incisions to gain access to, look at, and repair injuries both inside the shoulder joint, as well as the surrounding structures of the Acromioclavicular joint and scapula. The advantage to using the high def, and sometimes even 4K quality, scope for repairs is less damage to the muscle and surrounding tissue, same day procedures, and quicker rehab and recovery time. Through the scope, we can repair rotator cuff, biceps tendon, and labral tears; remove bursitis as well as impinging bone spurs, fix cartilage damage, and stabilize unstable shoulders.

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