Sciatica – Treatment

By General Info

Treatment and drugs
If pain doesn’t decrease with self-help measures such as rest and stretching, the following treatment options are available for patients:
Medications: Please consult your physician for appropriate medications.
Steroid Injections: Also known as corticosteroids, these can be injected around the affected nerve root in order to suppress inflammation and reduce pain.
Physical Therapy: Our physical therapists at JOI can assist you with managing your pain and can design an exercise program to help you avoid future injuries. These programs typically include exercises to strengthen the back, improve your posture and increase flexibility. Find a JOI physical therapy location here. Another option offered by JOI is acupuncture, available at our San Marco and South rehab offices (Note: not typically covered by insurance).
Surgery: This is a last resort if pain is still present or worse after medication and therapy.


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