Sciatica – Overview

By Jared Ernest Physical Therapist

Sciatica Overview

The nerves that leave the lower lumbar spine join together to form the large sciatic nerve, which provides sensation and controls the muscles of the lower leg. Sciatica refers to the pain felt when the sciatic nerve is irritated or pinched. This pressure or irritation on the nerve roots can interfere with the normal function of the sciatic nerve, which results in pain down the leg.

Sciatica Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute

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JOI Rehab Physical Therapy Options For Sciatica

If you have pain in the low back it might be from Sciatica.  Just like there are many reasons for low back pain there are also many ways to treat it in Physical Therapy. Joint mobilization, which is a hands-on technique to improve mobility of the joint, is used to treat low back pain and sciatica.

Medical massage is becoming a more common way to treat pain in the lower back as well. Ergonomic education is important in treating low back pain, as the source of most of the pain comes from how people sit and/or stand for extended periods at a time. Laser therapy is another option in treating sciatica.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly is to live a healthy lifestyle.  Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at JOI Rehab for physical therapy, call (904) 858-7045.

To learn more about the anatomy of the spine, please watch this video. 

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