Sciatica – Complications

By Jared Ernest Physical Therapist

Sciatica Complications

While the majority of people fully recover from sciatica, it can cause permanent nerve damage if not treated correctly. Some possible complications include:

  • Loss of feeling in affected leg
  • Inability to move the leg
  • Weakness in leg
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control

If any of these symptoms are present, contact a healthcare professional immediately.

JOI Spine Physicians

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JOI Rehab Can Help 

A very common area for pain is the low back and it is often called Sciatica.   Just like there are many reasons for low back pain there are also many ways to treat it in Physical Therapy. Joint mobilization, which is a hands-on technique to improve mobility of the joint, is used to treat low back pain and sciatica.  Laser therapy is becoming a more common way to treat pain in the lower back as well. Ergonomic education is important in treating low back pain, as the source of most of the pain comes from how people sit and/or stand for long periods of time. It is also important to continue with a home exercise program after you have finished with formal physical therapy.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at JOI Rehab for physical therapy, call (904) 858-7045


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