Rotator Cuff Tears Advances in Technology

By Kevin M. Kaplan, MD

Rotator Cuff Tears Advances in Technology

Kevin Kaplan, MD

Rotator cuff repairs have been performed for many years. We’ve gone from open techniques to mini-open techniques to all arthroscopic repairs. Arthroscopic repairs have also evolved as we have attempted to recreate the patient’s anatomy in an attempt to give them the best chance for a successful outcome. Single row repairs have given way to newer transosseous suture equivalent repairs.

Additionally, the stronger suture material is allowing us to create stronger repair constructs. One such construct, known as the NET bridge, was developed in Los Angeles, California by Dr. Neal ElAttrache. I performed the biomechanical testing on this repair while training with Dr. ElAttrache and found this construct to be the strongest known rotator cuff repair.

Given the high morbidity associated with rotator cuff failures, this new technology is crucial in order to achieve a successful rotator cuff repair.

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