Recovery in Professional Tennis – USTA


Recovery in Pro Tennis – USTA

The recovery period in professional tennis has become crucial to the success of many tennis athletes.  We welcome you to read this article.

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Recovery in Professional Tennis – USTA or Injury Analysis from the US Open. 

When you get to the website, type in RECOVERY.

The recovery after a tennis match is very important. The USTA, has published an article based on the recovery period in professional tennis. To view this article, please go to the USTA Website

Recovery in Professional Tennis USTA

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At the JOI Sport Center, we have programs to treat tennis elbow and work with tennis players to return them back to the sport that they love. Dr. Michael Yorio, the Jacksonville Jaguars Internal Medicine Physician and Internal Medicine/Sports Medicine Physician at the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Yorio also was a physician who worked the US Open Tennis Championships for serval years in New York City. In conclusion, at JOI we know how to treat tennis athletes.

To schedule with Dr. Yorio, please call 904-391-6955.

Dr. Michael Yorio

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