Post Op Knee Stabilizer Brace Instructions

By Brian Anderson, MS/ATC

Post Op Knee Stabilizer Brace Instructions

Please read these Post Op Knee Stabilizer Brace Instructions completely and carefully before applying the knee brace. Your knee brace should have been fitted by one of our JOI Rehab staff for proper fit and functionality.

The purpose of the post op knee stabilizer brace is to limit harmful knee movement while a knee is healing after an injury or surgery.

  1. Flexion and Extension ROM settings will be set prior to DC from the hospital. There will be no need to change the settings unless instructed by the MD.
  2. Locking and unlocking of the knee brace will also be instructed by the MD prior to DC from the hospital.
  3. The best position to apply the knee brace is the leg straight out underneath a stable surface such as a bed ( early post-op) or floor ( late post-op)
  4. Open the brace by releasing the straps and foam wraps and laying them out flat. Position the leg straight so the knee is center with the ROM hinges. The hinges should be lined up with the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) knee. The bars that run down the brace should run down the thigh to the calf.
  5. Start wrapping the foam wrap around the leg with the wraps closest of the knee. The hinges should be positioned slightly above the middle of the kneecap and towards the back of the knee on the sides.
  6. Secure and fasten the two strap closest of the knee first, then secure and fasten the remaining two straps.

Use and Care: The liner and straps maybe hand washed with a mild detergent. Air dry only. Straps may be trimmed and adjusted for proper fit but should be performed by the MD or rehab staff.

Warning: If you experience pain, swelling or sensation change as a result of the brace, consult with your healthcare provider immediately. ALL adjustments of the brace should be done under the direction of healthcare provider


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