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By Tristyn Kinser, MS, ATC, LAT

About the Paxon School for Advance Studies

Paxon School for Advance Studies is one of four International Baccalaureate schools located in Duval County. Established in 1954, PSAS holds one of the strongest math and science Advanced Placement programs in the state of Florida. While our students work hard to excel in their academics, they also have the opportunity to participate in various athletics. Paxon School for Advanced Studies fields more the 16 competitive, allowing the students to choose from a number of sports ranging from football, soccer, wrestling, golf, tennis, flag football, lacrosse to even bowling!

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Athletic Program at Paxon

The Paxon Athletics Department has excelled in a number of sports.  Most recently, the Girls’ Track and Field 4×100 and 4×400 Relay Teams brought home two State Class 2A Championship titles in 2021. In a similar fashion, the Lady Eagles Girls’ Softball team earned their fifth straight District Championship title this season. In 2020, for the first time in school history, Paxon’s Football team won a bid to the playoffs.

All athletes participating in athletics are under the watchful eyes of the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institutes’ comprehensive sports medicine team. Providing quality health care to student athletes requires a collaborative effort by athletic trainers, doctors, coaches, parents and athletes to be most effective. Each member of the Sports Medicine team must play their relative role in caring for injured athletes.

At Paxon, JOI physician, Dr. Carl Freeman, athletic trainer, Tristyn Kinser, and various coaches are your student athlete’s primary sports medicine team.

Sports Medicine at Paxon

Dr. Carl Freeman has been Paxon’s team physician for over six years, prior to which he spent four years as an active duty orthopedic surgeon in the US Navy. Under the direction of Dr. Freeman, JOI athletic trainer, Tristyn Kinser, provides services such as

  • primary care
  • injury and illness prevention
  • wellness promotion and education
  • emergency care
  • examination
  • clinical diagnosis
  • therapeutic intervention
  • rehabilitation of injuries & medical conditions.

Dr. Freeman and Tristyn Kinser work together with coaches and athletic directors. They work to maintain the health and safety of the student-athletes while they enjoy athletic competition.

If the athletic trainer has determined an injury requires referral for further evaluation or treatment, she will contact the parents of the student-athlete to discuss the recommendation for them to be seen by the team physician. Parents, athletic trainers, and team physicians are always in communication regarding the sports-related injury and the athletes’ plan for a safe return to activity. Daily, student athletes can find Tristyn Kinser in the Athletic Training Facility on campus at Paxon. She is also present for all athletic practices and competitions. Dr. Freeman can be found on the sidelines of football games. He is always available to see Paxon athletes in his office!

Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute and Paxon

The sports medicine team that takes care of the Paxon Eagles is here for you too! To schedule and appointment, call 904-JOI-2000, or click the link below.

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