Occupational Therapy – Paraffin Bath

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Picture of hand that has just been dipped in Paraffin Wax

Hand With Paraffin Wax

Occupational Therapy – Paraffin Bath

Joint and muscle aches often come with injury, and it can be difficult to alleviate this discomfort. To help with this, our Certified Hand Therapists and Occupational

Therapists can provide a paraffin bath, which uses heated paraffin wax to provide relief to joints and muscles in the hand. Paraffin therapy is generally prescribed to patients without open wounds, decreased sensitivity, or heat intolerance. Paraffin, unlike a hot pack, provides deep penetration of heat that can get between the fingers and deep into the tissues of the hand. It also provides a more localized heat source. The purpose of this is to increase blood flow to the hands, which decreases pain and stiffness, and stimulates healing. This therapy is also used to help relieve some arthritis discomfort.

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