Orthopaedic Specialists

By Ehren Allen, Certified Manual Therapist/Physical Therapist

Orthopedic Specialists

As the largest Orthopaedic or Orthopedic Group of Physicians in Northeast Florida. The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute provides many orthopedic services to our community. Orthopaedic Specialists are highly-trained specialty physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. These would include injuries to the bone, muscle, tendon, ligaments and joints.  In addition, they treat many diseases related to all of these tissues including arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Furthermore, JOI also has physical medicine physicians who specialize in EMG Studies, Nerve Conduction Studies and Pain Management Injections.  In conclusion, JOI Orthopaedic Physicians have every body part covered when it comes to providing the most experienced orthopedic care in the Jacksonville Area.  JOI has 5 Physicians Practices in North Florida. These locations are conveniently located at the Beaches, San Marco, Baptist South, Nassau County and Fleming Island.

JOI Orthopaedic Specialists

Orthopaedic or Orthopedic Specialist or Orthopaedic Surgeon

JOI Physical Therapy

JOI Rehab has 12 North Florida Physical Therapy Centers.  Our physical therapists work very closely with our orthopaedic physicians to provide rehab services for all of the conditions that our physicians treat. In addition, we have assembled a team of over 80 physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified hand therapists, certified athletic trainers, massage therapists and physical therapist assistants. Above all, our goal is to provide the highest level of care in our centers. If you are in need of rehab services, please call 904 858-7045.

If you want to learn more about the field of Orthopaedics, go to: JOI

JOI and JOI Rehab are the Official Sports Medicine Providers for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, Jacksonville Sharks, Jacksonville Armada, Jacksonville Axemen professional teams.  In addition to, Jacksonville University, FSCJ, Bolles, Bishop Kenny, Episcopal, Bishop Snyder, Mandarin, Atlantic Coast, University Christian, Paxon, Fernandina Beach and Hilliard High Schools.  JOI….Where The Pros Go!

JOI and JOI Rehab

JOI Physicians continue to offer online new patient appointments. This is another option to make it more convenient to make new patient appointments with less phone hold times. Follow the link below to select your JOI MD and schedule online.

You can still call 904-JOI-2000 to make new patient JOI Physician Appointments if that is your preference. You can now schedule online for JOI Physicians Appointments.

To make appointments with JOI Rehab, please call 904-858-7045.


By: Ehren Allen, PT

JOI orthopedic physicians can treat a variety of conditions.

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