Anterior Hip Replacement

By M. John Von Thron, MD

Anterior Approach To Hip Replacement

In the care of people with advancing arthritis causing pain and disability, one of the most remarkable advancements in medicine has been artificial hip replacement. When completed successfully, it can be truly a life-changing procedure for patients who previously had significant hip pain, difficulty sleeping and were unable to do activities of daily living that they need to do or many activities they enjoy doing.

JOI Anatomy of the Hip and Pelvis

Anterior Hip Replacement


The technology and development of hip prosthesis has progressed over the years and continues to improve. This is providing longer-lasting prosthesis and better functional outcomes. The traditional approach to placing the hip replacement prosthesis has been surgical approaches through the side or back of the hip area. These approaches have worked well over the years. They do require splitting certain muscles and cutting several smaller muscles.

Anterior Approach for Hip Surgery

A relatively new approach is available in total hip surgery. This approach to hip replacement utilizes an incision in the front of the hip. Rather than splitting muscles, we go between the muscles and just move them out of the way as we approach the hip joint. This approach does not cut any muscles or tendons and respects the nerves about the hip and the leg. It is truly a muscle sparing approach which helps in a more rapid recovery.

The anterior approach provides significant benefits over conventional surgical approaches. This includes smaller skin incision, reduced limping after surgery, decreased postoperative pain, significant reduction in the risk of hip dislocation, a shorter hospital stay, less blood loss during surgery, and a shorter rehabilitation and recovery time. View this patient testimonial on their hip replacement performed by The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute.

A hip replacement or arthroplasty is necessary with some people with severe arthritis

Total hip replacement or arthroplasty and hip Implant

Anterior Hip Approach

Not everybody is a candidate for the anterior hip approach. Depending on the anatomy involved with the arthritis and hip deformity and the body habitus of the person, it may prevent us from using this approach to the hip joint. However, if you are experiencing hip pain associated with arthritis, the anterior approach to the hip is performed at most Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute locations.

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