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Final Prep Tips of the Week for Never Quit

JOI Never Quit Tips.

JOI Never Quit Tips

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Pre-Race Check List

JOI Never Quit Tip of the week: It’s almost race week-scope out this pre-race check list to make sure you are prepared.

JOI Never Quit Tips

Picture of Never Quit Training Tips

How do you know when to buy new running shoes?

Running Shoes

Picture of When to Buy New Running Shoes

Tips for dealing with Swimmer’s/Paddler’s Shoulder

Check out these tips for dealing with Swimmer’s/Paddler’s Shoulder.

JOI Never Quit Tips

Picture of Never Quit Tips

How to Self Evaluate Run Form

Never Quit Tip of the Week: How to Self Evaluate Run Form. Ask yourself these 5 easy questions

JOI Running Form

Picture of Running Form Tips

3 Step Pull-up Progression

Never Quit JOI Tip of the Week: Try this 3 Step Pull-up Progression in your preparation for the Never Quit Warrior Challenge or Battle for the Beach

JOI Pull Up Tips

Pictures of Pull Up Progression

Warning Signs of Injury

JOI tip of the week: Recognize these red flags as a possible sign of injury and good reason to see your Orthopedist #JOI tip of the week

5 Warning Signs of an Injury

Picture of Warning Signs of an Injury

Active warm up exercises

Try these active warm up exercises vs. static stretching to loosen up pre-run or track work out.

Active Warm Up Exercises

Pictures of Active Warm Up Exercises

Try these upper extremity stretches pre-paddling or swimming to open up the shoulders.

Upper Body Stretches

Pictures of Upper Body Stretches

Open Water Swim Tips

Open Water Swim Tips

Picture of Open Water Swim Tips

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Part II

DOMS Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

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Dealing With the Dreaded Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness “DOMS” – Never Quit Training

Part I
1. DOMS can last anywhere from 24-72 hours after a workout
2. Eccentric exercises (i.e. push-ups/pull-ups) tend to cause greater soreness than concentric contractions
3. An active WU vs static stretching can help lessen the aftermath of DOMS
4. Foam rolling or mobility exercises are a great way to eliminate DOMS faster
5. Opt for ice baths vs heat to minimize the effects of DOMS


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Never Quit Tips 

Never Quit Tips

Picture of Never Quit Tips

Smart Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting

Picture of SMART Goal Setting

How far our should I start training for my event?

Training for Running

Picture of Training for Running

Try these yoga poses to loosen up the back & hips pre-paddle or beach run! Hold each pose for 30 seconds!


Pictures of Yoga on the Beach

Are you worried about your team knocking out 1000 push-ups for the Battle of the Beach? Try this 30-day challenge!

JOI Push-Up Challenge

Picture of JOI Push-Up Challenge

Areas often neglected by runners are mid-back, IT-Band & core/glutes. Add these exercises to your Never Quit routine

JOI Exercises for Never Quit

Picture of 3 Exercises for Never Quit

3 shoulder strengthening exercises that every surfer, paddler, and swimmer should include in their strength preparation for Never Quit 2015.

JOI Never Quit Training Exercises

Picture JOI Never Quit Training Exercises

Beach Running Tips

1. Run at low tide
2. Run close to the waters edge
3. Start with 15-20 minutes at a time to prevent injury
4. Use shoes if you are a beginner beach runner
5. Watch out for shells and sharp objects if you chose to go barefoot
6. Beware that barefoot sand running can worsen ankle sprains, achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis
7. Don’t forget the sunscreen
8. Try to avoid inclined shore lines
9. Note your pace WILL be slower
10. Don’t forget hydration

JOI Beach Running Tips

Picture of JOI Running Tips

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