Myofascial Pain & Trigger Points

By Andrew Orpiano ATC

Myofascial Pain and Trigger Points

Myofascial pain, also known as trigger points are hyper sensitive areas within the muscle. Trigger points within the muscle can be chronic or develop over time due to repetitive stress on the muscle.  This can occur during activity or lack of muscle activity such as immobilization. Therefore, active and latent trigger points are two types individuals may experience.  Active trigger points are more common. If an individual has an active trigger point, they would present with extreme tenderness and pain over the muscle. However, some trigger points may cause referred pain which symptoms may be felt in other areas in the body.

What is a Trigger Point?

Trigger points are found with palpation over the muscle.  The usual description is a nodule or lump.  Individuals may complain of weakness or pain within the muscle during activity. I find most trigger points or myofascial pain can be found in the muscles of the low back. For some athletes, trigger points can be found in their lower extremity muscles especially their calves.

JOI Rehab also offers Massage Therapy  which can certainly help with Myofascial pain.

To read more about conservative treatment options, go to Conservative Treatment Options by JOI.

medical massage therapy

medical massage therapy

Treatment of Trigger Points

In my experience, conservative treatment works for most trigger points or myofascial pain.  Individuals experiencing myofascial pain may be recommended physical therapy. Some of the therapy treatments for triggers points may include soft tissue mobilization or massage and stretching. For athletes, deep tissue massages, use of the foam rollers, and stretching daily will help treat and reduce the symptoms of a trigger point. Medical Massage can be very helpful as well as dry needling . Please see more about massage therapy in this VIDEO. 

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By: Andrew Orpiano, ATC

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