My whole hand hurts.  Why?

By General Info

Why Does My Whole Hand Hurt?

Sometimes hand pain is due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people have atypical symptoms for carpal tunnel and do not experience numbness and tingling at night (which is the more common symptom).
Sometimes hand pain is due to muscle cramping similar to when you get a charley-horse at night in your legs. Make sure you are receiving proper hydration and nutrition during your day. Also, weight bearing on your hand can help alleviate this event. Simply press your hand on a table top or wall and lean into it until pain is relieved. If this action seems too harsh, try rolling your hand and arm over a tennis ball for several minutes until cramping is relieved.

Another common cause of hand pain is arthritis. Our hands have many little bones and joints that can become arthritic and painful over time. Resting splints, medications and sometimes surgery is necessary to relieve arthritis pain.

Please see a physician if any pain persists. Only a physician can rule out the cause of your symptoms and guide you for the best course of treatment.

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