Microvascular Surgery

By Bruce Steinberg, MD

Microvascular Surgery Overview

Microvascular surgery is surgery on very small blood vessels using a high powered microscope. It is beneficial to repair or reattach fingers, hands, or other body parts. This surgery repairs tiny blood vessels and restores circulation back into the affected tissue before it begins to decompose. A microvascular surgeon has training in the use of the microscope to either repair or reconstruct these structures. Many times, sutures that are difficult to see with the naked eye are used under the high powered microscope to repair lacerations of vessels and nerves.

Microvascular surgery is an option for those with amputations or dupuytren's disease.

Image of an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dupuytren’s Disease

Some disorders such as Dupuytren’s disease form contractures with disease tissue surrounding nerves and vessels.  The contracture require surgical excision with the utmost of precision using the microscope.  Dr. Steinberg has received the special training and he has provided this treatment to several patients in his area of specialty.

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