MCL Tear Injury Symptoms

By Tim Wall MS/ATC

MCL or Medial Collateral Ligament Injury Symptoms

To read about the grades of MCL or Medical Collateral Ligament Sprains, please read what is the recovery time for a medial collateral ligament mcl tear?  Read this article to learn more about the Anatomy of the Knee.

MCL Injury

Image of the Knee Joint

MCL Sprain Symptoms

With this type of MCL sprain there will be pain on the inside of the knee and swelling is usually present after the incident. Some patients may feel that your joint is loose or not stable.  The athlete may feel a pop on the inside aspect of their knee during the injury.  Knee pain is usually worse with a grade II MCL sprain.  With a grade III, the ligament is completely torn.

With this injury the patient can expect significant swelling in the knee as well as a difficulty bending the knee.  More severe MCL sprains may require crutches and an knee brace in order to walk.

MCL sprains should be evaluated by an orthopedic physician to determine the severity of the sprain.  The physician will do a valgus stress test to determine the grade of the sprain.

ACL Ligaments

Ligaments of the Knee

Your physician may order an MRI to help with the diagnosis of the sprain and if the medial meniscus is intact.  If there is meniscal involvement, the athlete may have some locking or catching in the knee.

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By: Tim Wall, MS, ATC

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