Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain

By Renee Haire, LMT

Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain

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Does Weather Affect My Joints?

People who have arthritis, have had an orthopedic surgery or have chronic pain often feel a weather change.  This occurs when there is a change from a cold or warm front.  This occurs due to changes in the barometric pressure.  Rainstorms, seasonal temperature drops, even just a direction change to the wind can cause pain and inflammation in a person’s joints.   The change outside can affect the pressure within your bodies joints.  So, what can help with this?  We may have some remedies in this article.

man receiving medical massage therapy for chronic pain relief

Medical massage therapy for chronic pain relief

Barometric Pressure

First, we need to learn about the weather effects. Most people know that when the pressure in the atmosphere is low, clouds and rain are much more likely. What they may not realize is that this dampness can also increase pain and stiffness in the body. One theory about why the reduction in pressure in the atmosphere allows bodily fluids to move from blood vessels to tissues. This causes swelling and pressure on the nerves in those tissues and an increase in fluid in the affected joints. The pressure on the nerves and joints would naturally cause increased pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Barometric pressure changes and changes in humidity and temperature might also affect the pressure in the brain or the way the brain blocks pain, causing an increase in headaches and migraines.

 Weather Contributes to Increased Pain in Several Ways:

  • In Cold temperatures, blood is diverted to the body core in an effort to keep you warm.  Therefore, there is reduced blood flow to muscles and the joints of your body creating stiffness.
  • Another factor is that people just don’t move around as much in cold weather.  This also contributes to less blood flow to your joints and muscles. It is important to stay active to keep your joints naturally lubricated even when its cold outside.
  •  In cold weather, we are more likely to gain weight for several reasons.  We tend to eat more carbohydrates and fats. Very often, much of the immune system surrounds the GI tract.  A poor diet causes a general state of inflammation in the body, activating certain chemicals in the body. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with immune system dysfunction due to the lack of being in the sun.
  •  Gloomy weather associated in the winter months certainly affects our mood.  Some people develop what is commonly known as Seasonal Depression.  For example, studies show that people with Rheumatoid arthritis are much more likely to have this type of depression.  Chron pain from orthopedic problems can certainly contribute to seasonal depression.

Massage Therapy Treatment for Chronic Pain

So, what could be at treatment for all of these conditions related to the weather?  JOI has one answer to this question.  Massage therapy can certainly help with all of the issues that have been discussed in this article.  Massage has been proven to help increase the blood flow and flush out any excess fluids built up in the soft tissue.  So many patients report that in the winter they are always feeling so cold.  This is due to the lack of circulation related to decreased blood flow.  Watch this VIDEO for more on how Medical Massage can help with Chronic Pain. Multiple studies have shown that medical massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, stress, and pain.

Another important result of a massage is that you simply feel better.  The relaxation aspect during and after a massage can certainly do wonders for your mood and well being.  Allowing your body and mind to basically reset is shown to have several benefits.

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By: Tim Wall, MS, ATC

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