MAKO Robotic Arm

By Steven Crenshaw, MD

The MAKO Robotic Arm

The MAKO robotic arm is used to help surgeons at JOI perform surgeries more accurately for better patient outcomes. Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute is one of the leading providers in orthopedic treatment and surgeries in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. We have 35 physicians who treat orthopedic conditions of all kinds. One of the frequently seen conditions at JOI is osteoarthritis. As people age, their joints can start to break down, causing pain and difficulty moving. If the breakdown of the joint is severe enough, a person may require the surgical intervention of a total or partial joint replacement.

Image of MAKOplasty Arm.

The MAKO robotic arm is used to help surgeons to be more precise during surgery.

JOI Robotic Surgeons

JOI physicians have been utilizing a MAKO robotic arm to assist in total joint replacements of the knee and hip to ensure they provide the best treatment for their patients. Of the 35 JOI physicians, 13 specialize in joint replacements, with 6 of those physicians utilizing the MAKO robotic arm to aid in the surgery. The JOI physicians make up almost 1/3 of the physicians in the area who provide this service.

MAKO is a robotic arm that helps to guide the surgeon in the removal of tissues. This improves the precision of the surgery and the fit of the new knee/hip components. The MAKO uses real-time imaging with a CT scan and mapping of your knee or hip to help the surgeon see how much bone needs to be removed for a precise fit. This gives the surgeon a picture of your unique anatomy to create a plan to follow during surgery. MAKO also allows the surgeon to see objective data on the knee’s stability once the new components are in place.

Dr. Steven Crenshaw

One of the JOI physicians who pioneered joint replacements using the MAKO robotic arm in Jacksonville is Dr. Steven Crenshaw. He has been with Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute since the late ’90s and has been practicing orthopedic medicine for over 30 years. Dr. Crenshaw is the Chief of Orthopedics at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. He is also the Team Physician for Jacksonville Jaguars and Jacksonville University Athletics and a member of the Center for Joint Replacement at Baptist downtown. He is one of JOI’s leading physicians when it comes to using the MAKO robotic arm. Currently, he uses it for all of his total hip replacements. He also uses it for about 90% of the total knee replacement surgeries. He has been using the MAKO robot for almost 10 years and has seen great success in his patients with this advancement in the surgery.

Mako Total Knee 3D planning

Image of Mako Total Knee 3D planning

In addition to the total knee and hip replacements, Dr. Crenshaw also performs a partial knee replacement using MAKO for patients that meet the appropriate criteria. A partial knee replacement is beneficial for a person with joint breakdown occurring in only 1-2 compartments of the knee. This allows for a smaller incision and a shorter recovery time than a full knee replacement. Gentle fitness activities can be resumed about 6 weeks after surgery. This compares to a total hip or knee that will take around 3 months.

The MAKO robotic arm helps the JOI surgeons with a more precise fit of the total joint components. At this time, JOI is offering total hip replacements, total knee replacements, and partial knee replacement using the MAKO robot. Still, other total joint replacements may be available in the future!

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Written by: Steven Crenshaw, MD and Kathryn Trumble, DPT, ATC

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