MAKO Joint Replacement

By Dr. Steven M. Crenshaw, MD , Kathryn Trumble, DPT, ATC

Has Osteoarthritis Caused You to Need Surgery?

Osteoarthritis is one of most limiting diseases for active and aging people. Degeneration or breakdown of the joint surfaces can cause pain and stiffness limiting the ability for people to walk, go from sit to stand, and do the things they love. If the degeneration is severe enough it may require surgical interventions. Undergoing a joint replacement is a big decision to make. Over the years these big medical procedures have been improved to allow for better outcomes and quicker recovery times. One of these improvements is to utilize a robotic arm (MAKO) during the surgery.

MAKOplasty Total Knee

Image of the MAKO Robot

Dr. Steven Crenshaw of The Jacksonville Orthpaedic Institute

One of the JOI physicians who pioneered joint replacements using the MAKO robotic arm in Jacksonville is Dr. Steven Crenshaw.  He is one of JOI’s leading physicians in the greater Jacksonville area when it comes to using the MAKO robotic arm.  Currently he utilizes the MAKO robotic arm for all total hip replacements patients and approximately 90% of the total knee replacements surgeries he performs.  He has been using the MAKO robot for almost 10 years and has seen great success in his patients with this advancement in the surgery. Dr. Crenshaw likes the MAKO robotic arm because it helps guide him to be more precise with the cutting of bone.  This is to ensure that the new joint components fit precisely.

What is MAKO?

MAKO is a robotic arm that helps to guide the surgeon in removal of arthritic tissues.  It helps to improve precision of the surgery and the fit of the new joint components during the surgery.  The MAKO uses real-time imaging with a CT scan and mapping of your joint to help the surgeon see how much bone needs to be removed for a precise fit.  This gives the surgeon a picture of your unique anatomy to create a plan to follow during surgery.  MAKO also allows the surgeon to see objective data on the stability of the knee once the new components are in place.  The MAKO robot can be used for Total Knee Replacements, Partial Knee Replacements and Total Hip Replacements.  To learn more about Mako options, please go to: MAKO

Partial Knee Replacement with MAKO

In addition to total knee and hip joint replacements, Dr. Crenshaw utilizes the MAKO robotic arm for partial knee replacement surgeries.  This allows the surgeon to only debride and replace one of three knee compartments.  This allows for a smaller incision and a shorter recovery time than a full knee replacement.  Most patients having a partial joint replacement can begin light fitness activities 6 weeks following surgery. In a total joint replacement which can cause the patient to be out of fitness activities for up to 3 months following surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee joint replacement.

Recovery from MAKO vs. Traditional Surgery

The initial recovery process for both a traditional and MAKO assisted joint replacement looks the same.  The patient will be in physical therapy for Day one after surgery till about 2-3 months out of surgery.  The goals are the same with the patient to regain ROM and strength to improve walking and the ability to get back to life without irritation.  Patients having a MAKO procedure tend to recover a bit faster in the early days after surgery.  Most people really feel improvements 3-6 months following surgery.  All in all the goal is to get you back moving and to the things you love doing!

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By: Kathrine Trumble, PT and Dr. Crenshaw

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