Lower Back Pain Jacksonville

By Ehren Allen, Certified Manual Therapist/Physical Therapist

lower back pain Jacksonville

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Lower Back Pain

Low back pain affects many people in America. It can occur in a variety of ways. These can range from simple strains due to improper lifting to fractures due to direct trauma, such as falling. However, the incidence of chronic pain increases as our population ages and as our activities of daily living increase, and as we participate in repetitive activities, such as running. One area that can often times be over looked is the occurrence of a leg length discrepancy. A patient who possesses a leg length discrepancy can experience a variety of pains such as low back pain and hip pain. Leg length discrepancy can result in greater stress upon your lumbar spine. The application of a heel lift or an orthotic device with a heel lift can result in decreased lumbar stress and a reduction of pain. These can be prescribed by your doctor and fit by many JOI clinicians. The occurrence of a leg length discrepancy is not the only finding that can benefit with use of an orthotic device. People who possess increased pronation during ambulation may also be candidates for an orthotic device in order to alleviate chronic low back pain. Chronic low back pain can significantly limit our ability to work, play and perform activities of daily living. Increased pronation results in a domino affect up to the back, which can affect the patient’s posture as well as their mechanics with walking. The more we walk and the more stress we place on our back due to increased walking or due to our occupations and environment, the more abnormal stress is placed on our back. The use of orthotics can provide more control of the foot and help correct the altered posture and improve their gait. The importance of gait, foot mechanics as well as leg length can play an important role in decreasing our low back pain and increasing our functional level.

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