Low impact exercises

By Michelle Duclos ATC/Sports Medicine Director

Low Impact Exercises

Low impact exercises are exercises that put less stress on the body’s joints and bones such as the ankle, knee, hip or back. It can be used to alleviate pain in joints due to injury or being overweight. People who train long miles for marathons, triathlons, or just for fun are doing low impact exercises as a cross training because it can be beneficial to give your body a break. Some examples of low impact exercises are listed below:

Riding a bike

Stationary bike

Image of Man on Bike

Elliptical/ Cross trainer

Elliptical Cross Trainer

Image of Woman on Elliptical



Image of Woman Swimming



Image of People Doing Yoga



Image of a Man on a Row Machine

Stair climbing

Stair Climbing Exercise

Image of Woman on a Stair Climber

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