Knee Sprains

By Steven M. Crenshaw, MD

Knee Sprains

Please watch this VIDEO from Dr. Crenshaw about knee sprains.  Dr. Crenshaw practices at the JOI San Marco location.  He is currently accepting new patients.  Dr. Crenshaw is a team physician for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A sprain to the knee is when the ligaments have been stretched or have tears.  There are 3 grades or types of sprains based on their severity.  You should be properly evaluated by a physician to determine the grade of your knee sprain.

  • 1st Degree (Mild Sprain):
    • Slight stretching, some damage to the ligament fibers.
    • Slight pain & mild swelling.
    • The knee will be difficult to bend due to swelling.
  • 2nd Degree (Moderate Sprain):
    • Partial tearing of the ligament with joint instability.
    • Increased pain, swelling.
    • Decreased movement and may be unable to weight bear.
  • 3rd Degree (Severe Sprain):
    • Complete tear of the ligament with instability. A “pop” may be heard at the time of initial injury.  An avulsion of the ligament could also occur.
    • Severe pain, swelling.
    • Painful weight bearing
Knee sprains are treated at JOI and JOI Rehab

Ligaments and Meniscus of the Knee

Multiple Knee Ligament Sprains

Often in sports, more than one ligament in the knee can injured.  When the ACL ligament is torn, often the medial collateral ligament may be injured as well.   It is so important to be evaluated by an orthopaedic knee specialist to ensure the best outcome.

JOI and JOI Rehab

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