Knee Replacement Surgery

By Matt Paulus, MS, ATC, LAT

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery is often required for people who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee for an extended period of time. The goal from this surgery is for the patient to be able to gain range of motion. Also, other goals are to have less pain and improve the ability with all activities in their lives. (ex: standing and walking)

The surgery itself involves making an incision on the front of the knee (anywhere from 4-6 inches long) and removing the bone surfaces that are worn and arthritis. A combination of metal and plastic implants are used to replace these areas to function as if there was never any damage to these surfaces. In addition, the advancements in technology are allowing these implants to last longer than ever before.

Physical therapy usually begins right away in the hospital or at home.  Most patients can do therapy at one of our outpatient JOI Rehab Centers.  Our therapists work closely with our physicians to provide a program specific to your surgery and surgeon.  JOI has been a leader in providing the highest quality medical care for total joints for over 30 years.  Our goal is to get you back to the activities that you love with an outstanding outcome.

Total Knee Replacement

Knee joint replacement.

Robotic Knee Replacement

JOI offers two types of robotic knee replacement surgeries.  A partial and a total knee replacement using the Mako robot.  Your JOI Physician would determine which surgical procedure is appropriate for you.  You can also read more about joint replacements.

If you want to learn more about the knee, go to: KNEE.  If you want to make an appointment with a JOI Knee Orthopedic Surgeon, please call 904-JOI-2000

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By: Matt Paulus, MS, ATC

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What to expect after a Total Knee Replacement from JOI Rehab

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