Tips for those having knee pain while running

By Matt Paulus, MS, ATC, Site Coordinator

Running Tips

Knee pain while running, especially when it alters your running pattern and mechanics, should be addressed. Avoiding some of this pain can be done with a few helpful tips:

  • Change up your running volume! Your running distance and frequency should build gradually. Too much running at once can cause excess pain and injury.
  • Stretch after you run and to maintain good lower body flexibility.
  • Listen to your body! Expect to be a little bit sore, but any sharp pain should be addressed
  • Proper footwear is necessary! Getting a shoe for your foot type is essential for proper support while running
  • Mix in a different kind of workout with your training program on off days. This will give your running muscles a chance to recover and will build complimentary muscles.
  • You should take a day or two off per week to give your body time to recover.
  • Make sure you are running with proper form – your upper body should be as relaxed as possible with the feeling of being pulled along by a string attached to your bellybutton

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