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JOI Knee Pain Treatment Plans


Knee Pain Treatments

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Arthritic Knees:

MD will prescribe anti- inflammatory and possibly a knee brace to include Unloader(OA) brace to support the knee. Physical Therapy for mobility and strength. Also laser and modalities for pain control. Activity modification to include swimming and stationary cycling. Also injections may be considered. If without benefit from conservative care than a total joint replacement may be considered.

ACL Tear:

PT prior to surgery for ROM, strength and gait. Surgery to repair the torn ligament with either an autograft (own tissue) of allograft(cadaver). Initial PT starts 2 days after surgery. Post OP brace right after surgery with progression to functional brace as rehab progresses. After about 5 months’ return to jogging and sports activity around 9-12 months.

Meniscal Tear:

Conservative treatment with Physical Therapy to advance strength and functional activity. Initial stages with modalities to control pain/inflammation to include laser. Bracing optional. Surgery if conservative treatment fails. Recovery time is usually about 6-10 weeks if with only arthroscopic debridement.

Patella Femoral Inflammation:

Initially with anti-inflammatory and physical therapy with modalities to include laser for pain /inflammation control. Initial avoidance of squatting, steps and kneeling activity that place negative pressure on knee cap. Bracing to help control the motion and position of the knee cap. Taping can also be used in this situation. Specific strengthening exercises for the quadriceps muscles with emphasis on the VMO. Also with stretching to focus on the ITB band and hamstring. In the final stages of rehab, focus on eccentric strength and movement/sport specific activity.

Knee pain should not be ignored especially after a mechanism of trauma. Further damage that cannot be reversed will occur. Also if your knee cannot move as normal than it may also eventually impact your hip or back. Let JOI free the knee from pain.

Knee Pain

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