Knee Pain – Diagnosis

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knee pain

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Knee Pain Diagnosis

The most common type of injuries we see at JOI are as follows:

Degenerative knee arthritis. Basically this is the degree that your cartilage is wearing off the end of each bone at the knee. This erosion can lead to a change of alignment at the knee. This is referred to either knocked knees or bowlegged in layman’s terms.

ACL Tear: ACL tears can be from both contact and non contact. Usually athletes /individuals that do more cutting/twisting are at risk. Usually you hear a pop and will have immediate swelling.

Meniscal Tear: These are the the two cushioning ligaments of the knee. Located between the bones of the leg on both the inside and outside of the knee. Again a common cause is twisting movements of the knee. This injury can also be caused by wear and tear.

Patella Femoral Inflammation: common among young active females. The condition is usually both biomechanical with the hip joint and angle of the knee cap with movement with the joint. This is commonly called Patella tracking. Also weakness of the quad muscle plays a part in this as it doesn’t control the movement of the knee cap with activity.

If you want to find more information about the diagnosis of your knee pain, visit the trending or library section of JOIONLINE.NET or call JOI-2000

Knee Pain

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