Knee Pain – Causes and Risk factors

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synovial joint

Image of the Synovial Joint of the Knee

Causes and Risk Factors Related to Knee Pain

The causes of knee pain are very diverse and varying.

Aging: As we age the cartilage that surrounds and cushions the knee begins to wear away in the joint. As our cushioning layer of cartilage becomes less and less than your pain will increase. This condition can worsen until it’s bone on bone.

Trauma: Force to the knee that over powers the structure and leads to injury. An example is an ACL tear. During activity if the knee joint is extended forcefully like being tackled in football and the joint is also twisted than the ACL can rupture.

Weakness. If your muscles that support the knee are not strong than your knee will lack control and stability which can lead to pain.

Knee Pain Biomechanics

A classic example is that females usually have wider hips. Since female’s hips are wider it can cause the angle of the knee cap to not follow is normal path with movement of the knee.

Overuse: If the knee joint is continually pushed past its limit of tolerance than a physical breakdown will result leading to pain.

Obesity: The more load that the knee is forced to carry the more the negative stress on the joint.

High Impact Activity: As with obesity the more stress of high load activity you put on your joint the more chance of injury.

Knee Pain

Causes and Risk Factors
Treatment Plans

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