Knee Arthroscopy – FAQ

By Tim Wall MS/ATC

Knee Arthroscopy or Scope FAQ’s

Why Do I Need a Knee Scope?

Your physician may consider a knee scope because you may be experiencing knee pain. Your physician might have already diagnosed the condition causing your pain, or they may order the arthroscopy to help find a diagnosis. In either case, a knee scope is a useful way for physicians to confirm the source of knee pain and to treat the problem. A knee scope can diagnose and treat the following injuries: a torn anterior or posterior cruciate ligament, a torn meniscus (the cartilage between the bones in the knee) patellar pathology, pieces of torn cartilage that are loose in the joint, of a Baker’s cyst in the back of the knee.

Knee Scope

Image of the Knee Joint

Can I Put Weight on my Affected Limb?

Yes. Unless otherwise instructed by your physician not to weight bear.  Otherwise, you may put weight on your surgical leg as tolerated.  Let pain be your guide.  If you have questions, please contact your physician.

What Should I Be Worried About After Surgery?

The most serious complication that can happen after a knee scope is a blood clot in the calf.  Common signs that you may have a blood clot are swelling in your leg, redness and severe tenderness in the calf.  If you are concerned please contact your physician

Do I Need Pain Medication After Surgery?

Most patients are prescribed pain medication based on physician preference.  Most patients will transition over the counter medications after 1-2 weeks.

When Do I Start Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy may or may not be necessary for your recovery after your knee arthroscopy. It is to the discretion of the physician if they feel physical therapy is medically necessary. If physical therapy is necessary, usually the initial evaluation maybe scheduled 1 to 7 days after surgery.  A list of our 12 rehabilitation centers is available at or call 904-858-7045

Knee Arthroscopy – When to Shower After Surgery?

Again this is up to the discretion to the physician.  You may have steri-strips / butterfly tape applied to the surgical site and it is recommended that you do not remove these.  Until further instructed, do not soak the leg in the bathtub, hot tub, whirlpool or swimming in a pool/ocean.

How Long Can I Return to Normal Activity/ADL’s?

Please use common sense!!   In most cases you cannot damage the knee, but you CAN increase your pain and make the knee swell.  If your feel that you may have overdone it, use ice and elevate your knee above your heart for about 10-15 minutes.

When Do I Follow Up with my Physician After Knee Scope Surgery?

Most post op follow ups a routinely scheduled 7-14 days after surgery to either remove stitches or to schedule physical therapy if your physician recommends it.

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