Knee Arthritis

By Andrew Heideman, PT/ATC

Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is a condition in which inflammation occurs at the joints of the knee. Knee arthritis is often associated with two conditions: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  If you want to learn more about how JOI can help with Arthritis, please read this article:


Osteoarthritis is related to wear and tear of the cartilage of the knee and can occur with or without injury to the knee.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a widespread inflammatory condition due to an overactive immune system and can affect multiple joints of the body with the knee commonly included.

Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis


Arthritis in the knee can vary in severity, so treatment options will be determined based on the degree of damage to the cartilage. Early stages of arthritis are often treated conservatively with non-operative measures, such as Physical Therapy or injections. In some cases, arthroscopic surgery is indicated to reduce knee pain and inflammation. Advanced stages of arthritis can lead to severe deficits in joint mobility and pain, and a joint replacement surgery may be necessary.  To learn more about about running and arthritis, please go to: Arthritis
An Orthopedic doctor would need to diagnose the knee by using X-Rays and a physical examination to determine the extent of arthritis. From their diagnosis, they would determine the appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

It does not matter which type of Arthritis you have, the JOI Physicians and JOI Rehab staff have several different state of the art treatment protocols to help you get back to the things you love.

Robotic Total Joint Replacements

If you would like to learn more about robot assisted total knee surgery, go to: or call JOI-2000.


Where is Telemedicine frequently used?

All JOI Physicians, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists now offer Telemedicine services for virtual visits from the convenience of your home. If you feel that it is best to stay in your own home during this time, we can still provide orthopaedic Telehealth services for you. Through the download of the free Zoom app on the your phone, tablet or laptop. Our physicians and Telehealth for Physical Therapy can evaluate you and provide the care you need.

JOI Fracture and Injury Care

JOI Physicians are currently offering ASAP Fracture care. Make an appointment by calling (904)JOI-2000. This is a new option for patients who would like to avoid the emergency room if they have suffered a fracture or soft tissue injury. To learn more about this service, read this article about fracture and injury care.


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