Knee Pain Can’t Wait

By Ehren Allen, DPT/Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist

Should I Go to the Doctor for Knee Pain?

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Going to the doctor for any issue can be tough for some people.  I have a list of excuses that circle through my head every time I need to go.  Some of my favorites are:

image of man grabbing knee in pain

Knee pain can lead to other problems.


  • Is it really that big of an issue?
  • It’ll get better if I just wait.
  • Is it worth the risk of being in a Doctor’s office during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • I would have to take time off work.
  • How much is it going to cost?

These are all legit concerns, but knee pain can be serious.  Some issues in the knee can lead to life-changing problems.  Regardless of the concerns about going to the doctor, sometimes, knee pain can’t wait!

To learn more about knee issues and when you should get treatment – Read on.

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Why is it that Knee Pain Can’t Wait?

image of woman grabbing knee in pain walking on beach

woman on the beach having pain in her knee

The quick answer is that some knee pain can be a sign of more serious conditions or injuries in the joint or tissue around the joint.  Aches and pains in the knees are common but if the pain is severe, there is probably a reason.  Pain is usually an indication that there is inflammation present.  That means that the body is trying to heal something.  If knee pain lasts for more than a few days, there can be other issues that develop.  These include:

  1. walking with a limp
  2. hip, ankle, back problems
  3. muscle imbalance
  4. abnormal wear and tear of the knee
  5. deformity

If you notice that the pain in your knee is limiting your walking or standing, then your knee pain can’t wait.  You should see a knee doctor.

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Why Does My Knee Hurt?

Knee anatomy is affected by knee pain.

Knee joint anatomy

There are many reasons for knee pain.  That’s because there are many structures in the knee that must work properly. The knee absorbs a tremendous amount of force with daily activity such as walking and stairs.  Some positions are harder on the knee than others.  People who have to squat or kneel a lot with work have a higher risk for developing knee pain and problems. Some common issues in the knees that can lead to knee pain are:

  • patellofemoral issues (knee cap pain)
  • arthritis
  • torn cartilage (torn meniscus)
  • torn ligament
  • muscle strain

Any of these issues can cause knee pain and should be evaluated and treated quickly to avoid more complicated issues.

To learn more about the Anatomy of the Knee, this VIDEO may help.

What Happens if I Wait to Get Treatment for Knee Pain?

image of anatomy of knee

muscles in the knee can atrophy with limited use and prolonged knee pain

The quick answer is that waiting to get treatment can make recovery tougher.  When you live with pain for a while, your muscles tend to stop firing properly. This is an initial protective response but the muscles do not always start working properly again on their own.  Muscles can atrophy or shrink because of pain and muscle inhibition.

Living with knee pain can limit daily activity and freedom as well.  This is true for athletes, but it is also true if you simply enjoy going to the store or even walking in your home.  Limited independence with daily life can lead to depression and deconditioning.  This can lead to other health problems.


Is It Safe To Go to the Knee Doctor During COVID-19?

Most medical facilities are following CDC guidelines to protect patients and staff from COVID-19.  Here at the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute, we have implemented the S.A.F.E. procedure to maximize patient and staff safety.

  • Screening all Patients and Staff for COVID-19 and Temperature Checks
  • Advanced Cleaning of all Treatment areas, Restrooms, and Waiting Rooms.
  • Everybody Must wear a Mask at JOI and JOI Rehab.

JOI has implemented these procedures so that patients who have conditions that can’t wait, can come in and receive treatment in a SAFE environment.


What Do I Do If I Have Knee Pain that Can’t Wait?

If you have Knee pain that is limiting your daily life, don’t wait to get treatment.  The Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute is here to help you.  We have the area’s top Orthopedic Knee Doctors and Surgeons.  The same doctors that take care of the Jacksonville Jaguars can take care of you too!  We offer ASAP appointments so that you can be seen quickly. If you are concerned about coming to the office due to COVID-19, we offer telehealth visits as well.  Let JOI get you back on the Road to Recovery!

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