Joint Replacement Surgery CMC Joint

By Bruce Steinberg, MD

Joint Replacement Surgery of the CMC Joint

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure in which includes the removal or replacement of part or all of an arthritic joint surface with an implant. Many techniques and technologies have been proven to help improve the longevity and function of these implants. The thumb carpometacarpal or CMC joint is one of the most common areas of joint replacement surgery.

JOI ActivArmor Thumb Splint

CMC Joint Replacement

In this case, the removal of the arthritic joint occurs by using a living tendon to create a sling and a cushion that allows for pain relief and function for a lifetime. Other areas of these of advancement with surgeries of a joint include the shoulder. Development of new prosthesis that work without the need of the all important rotator cuff muscle tendon unit. In addition, in the elbow, there are new resurfacing procedures that use tissue membrane as opposed to metal and plastic joint replacements.

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