JOI Rehab Describes The 5 Worst Shoulder Exercises

By Drew Heideman, PT, ATC

JOI Rehab Describes The 5 Worst Shoulder Exercises

JOI Rehab Describes the 5 Worst Shoulder Exercises, go to:
top 5 worst shoulder exercises

This article describes the exercises that you should avoid so that you don’t injure your shoulder or cause shoulder pain.  It is important to clarify that the exercise itself is not always bad for you, but poor form or technique can hurt you.

  1. Lateral raises with Palm Down or Thumb Down.  The correct form would be the thumbs up towards the ceiling.
  2. Behind the Head Shoulder Press.  Do this exercise in front of you instead of behind your head.
  3. Shoulder Upright Rows. The position of an upright row can compress the rotator cuff against the bony arch (acromion)  
  4. Triceps Bench Dips.  Too many people use poor form.  Start with a Tricep curl instead.
  5. Single Arm Rows. Not a bad exercise but too many people substitute with poor form.

With any exercise, the proper technique and form are very important to make sure you don’t injure your shoulder.  It is also very important to not lift too much weight.  Many times in weight rooms or gyms, injuries occur because of too much weight being attempted.  Don’t compare your weight with others in the gym.  Use the correct form throughout the entire lift.  If you can’t maintain the form, you have too much weight!

5 Worst Shoulder Exercises

Image of woman doing an overhead press

by Drew Heideman, PT/ATC,

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