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By Tim Wall MS/ATC

JOI Medical Massage during COVID-19

We are looking to grow our Massage Therapy Program, if you are a licensed massage therapist, please apply here.

JOI Rehab is proud to announce that we will be relaunching the availability of medical massage at our San Marco, South, and Beach locations. Watch this VIDEO to learn about Medical Massage at JOI. Therefore, we want to assure patients that we are following all CDC guidelines.  We want to ensure the safety of our workers and patients in all JOI facilities.

image of man getting medical massage therapy

Image of Medical Massage Therapy.


JOI Covid-19 Protocols

  1. We will call new patients prior to appointment and receive information from clinic staff. We will remind them of their appointment and giving them instructions to not come in if they feel ill. JOI will also inform them of the mandatory mask policy. Also, current patients will continue to be educated on these guidelines by their Massage Therapist
  2. Staff members will perform temperature checks for all people entering the facility.  Additionally, patients and staff that are able to proceed will follow normal COVID protocol.
  3. We have 6 feet distance between our waiting room chairs to allow patients to social distance.
  4. Our front desk areas have plastic shields as a protection device.
  5. We thoroughly clean of our all centers daily –  by our cleaning company.
  6. Patients will wear appropriate PPE at all times.
  7. PPE will continue to be used by all staff, and tables will be sterilized between patients. Previously used sheets will be replaced with clean sheets, and any equipment used will be sterilized between each use. Any commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned between each patient. These include door handles, pens, chair handles, etc.
  8. To decrease the risk of transmission with hands-on treatment, Massage Therapists will ensure hands are washed and/or sanitized after touching each patient.  Also, patients can request that the massage therapist wear gloves.
  9. Massage rooms have HEPA Air Sanitizers to filter the air within the room.
  10. Finally, social distancing guidelines continue at all times except for patient treatments.

Medical Massage Therapy

JOI Rehab is always looking for Massage Therapists with a passion for their craft. Do you want to join the team behind the teams? Send your resume to today!

Medical massage therapy can offer extremely effective support to your healthcare regimen.  Additionally, JOI’s medical massage therapists work with physical therapists in coordinating your care.

Finally, schedule your massage, please call the closest JOI Rehab clinic:

  • San Marco: 904.858.7045
  • South: 904.288.9491
  • Beach: 904.247.3324
  • Nassau: 904.557.9021
  • Fleming Island: 904.621.0396

By: Tim Wall , ATC, MS.

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