Is it safe to crack your back or crack your neck?

By Robert G. Savarese, DO

Is It Safe to Crack Your Back or Crack Your Neck?

Is it safe to crack your neck

3D illustration x-ray neck painful, medical concept.

Often as a doctor, I am asked “Is it safe to crack your back or crack your neck” and although in most instances it is safe, does it actually fix the problem?

As an osteopathic physician trained in manipulative therapy, I am very familiar with high velocity maneuvers that often result in that satisfactory pop. That pop can often alleviate the symptoms temporarily, but in my professional medical opinion, patient’s often get longer term relief with lumbar and cervical stabilization. This often involves physical therapy to focus on core strengthening. This helps to protect the spine from further injury. High velocity maneuvers that result in that satisfactory pop can be used along with a physical therapy program to rehabilitate the spine.

Robert G. Savarese, DO


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