Is it safe to crack your back or crack your neck?

By Robert G. Savarese, DO

Is It Safe to Crack Your Back or Crack Your Neck?

Often as a doctor, I am asked “Is it safe to crack your back or crack your neck?” Although in most instances it is safe, does it actually fix the problem?

As an osteopathic physician trained in manipulative therapy, I am very familiar with high velocity maneuvers that often result in that satisfactory pop. That pop or crack can often alleviate the symptoms temporarily.  However, in my professional medical opinion, patient’s often get longer term relief with lumbar and cervical stabilization. This often involves physical therapy to focus on core strengthening. This helps to protect the spine from further injury. High velocity maneuvers that result in that satisfactory pop can help along with a physical therapy program to rehabilitate the spine.

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Physical therapy can actually help correct the original problem by strengthening the core abdominal muscles and improve flexibility of the entire spine.  Many people with back pain think that they need to strengthen their back.  Actually, it it more important to strengthen your core or abdominal muscles to protect your back.

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If you are suffering from back issues, joint pain, or injuries resulting from any type of activity,  JOI can help.  JOI has 12 physical therapy clinics conveniently located in Jacksonville and Northeast FL who specialize in orthopedic rehab.  We work closely with your physician to develop a customized therapy program.  Therefore, if you have a back or neck issue, we have a fast track spine program.

Please watch this VIDEO on how to stretch your neck while working on your computer.

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Cervical Vertebral Bones

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Dr. Savarese is a physician at the JOI San Marco location. Dr. Savarese has completed a pre-doctoral fellowship in manipulation. He is board certified by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American Board of Pain Medicine.

By: Robert G. Savarese, DO

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