Innovations in the Treatment of Dupuytren’s Contracture

By Dr. Garry Kitay

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Abstract: Dupuytren’s Disease can lead to progressive and disabling flexion contractures of the hand.  In the last century, the most common treatment for this condition has been surgical excision of the contracting fascial cords.  However, there is a relatively high complication rate with these procedures.  Over the last decade there has been greater interest in, and use of, percutaneous or needle aponeurotomy, which disrupts the cord with a minimally invasive technique.  There is also a newer non-surgical technique that utilizes an injectable collagenase enzyme mixture.  Both of these treatment methods are performed int he office.  Their advantages and concerns are discussed in the full article pages 14 to 16.

By: Garry S. Kitay, MD

Dr. Garry Kitay

Image of Dr. Garry Kitay

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