Injections for Pain Management

By David A. Doward, MD

JOI Pain Management Injections

At JOI we offer a wide range of injections with the goal of eliminating your pain. This typically involves the application of a steroid local anesthetic mixture at the site of inflammation which is causing the pain. Also, JOI has a procedure room within the facility to perform these types of injections.

Pain Management Injections

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A large number of these injections are useful to treat patients with pain that stem from their spine. These include epidural steroid injections and selective nerve root blocks that target the inflammation associated with a pinched nerve. We also target other pain generators in the spine such as the facet joints, the sacroiliac joints and the discs. Sometimes patients can benefit from a series (usually 2-3) of epidural steroid injections which can give the best clinical outcome. If the patient is in a significant amount of pain with a severely inflamed nerve, these injections are beneficial. Multiple injections are necessary to wipe all the associated inflammation.

Pain Management Injections without Steroids

There are also special procedures which we can perform that do not utilize steroids  We can eliminate your pain for long periods of time with a radio frequency ablation and spinal cord stimulators.  We also use other injections to target pain stemming from the hip, knee, shoulder and ankle joints. These can involve the use of steroids, viscosupplements, platelet-rich-plasma and stem cells. Patients who cannot tolerate steroids for medical reasons can benefit from these alternative treatment options.

After these injections, patients are advised to minimize their activity level for 48 hours to give the medicine time to work. We recommend icing the injection site up to 4 times (20 minutes per session) the day of the injection. In addition, steroid injections typically take 48 hours before patients start to feel better with peak effects within one week.

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