Hydration Tips For Cyclists

By Drew Heideman MPT, ATC, LAT, PES

Hydration Tips For Cyclists

By: Drew Heideman MPT, ATC, LAT, PES

Athletes should begin all exercise well hydrated. They should consume approximately 18-20
oz of water or sports drink 2-3 hours prior to exercise and 8-10 oz 10-20 minutes before exercise.

Fluid replacement during exercise should be based upon sweat and urine losses to at least
maintain hydration at less than 2% body weight reduction. (Example a 150lb. cyclist should
drink enough so as not loose more than 3lbs. during a ride.)

Typically, an athlete needs 10 oz every 20 minutes to meet this weight reduction goal but this
can vary from athlete to athlete depending on environmental conditions, sweat rate, intensity,

Athletes need to weigh themselves before and after to determine the amount of weight loss
to accurately devise a hydration plan. Following exercise, hydration efforts should aim to correct any fluid loss accumulated during
exercise and should be completed within two hours after riding.

Based upon the National Athletic Trainers Association Position Statement: Fluid Replacement for Athletes, Journal of Athletic
Training 2000; 35(2) : 212-224

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