How To Do Physical Therapy At Home

By Ehren Allen, DPT/Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist

The Coronavirus has changed the way we receive healthcare.  Concerns about social distancing make it necessary for some to reconsider going to medical offices.  This is the case for those who need physical therapy as well.  Those who are at higher risk for COVID-19 need to know how to do physical therapy at home.

image of man and woman stretching and doing physical therapy at home

How To Do Physical Therapy at Home

Why Would I Need Physical Therapy During COVID-19?

The quick answer is Physical therapy is an important part of wellness and health.  When you have pain or an injury, physical therapy is a conservative way to treat the issue.  Research shows that physical therapy is an effective way to treat many injuries or pain.  The research is so strong that many insurance companies require that patients try physical therapy before they will cover MRIs and other advanced treatments.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most elective procedures and surgeries were postponed.  Elective procedures are beginning to take place again.  But while waiting, physical therapy is a treatment option to treat issues that may otherwise need surgery.

Injuries still happen at home during the quarantine.  Physical therapy is and will continue to be an effective way to treat injuries that occur at home while we weather the COVID-19 pandemic.


How To Do Physical Therapy at Home?

When patients are unable to come into the clinic for therapy sessions, they still need care.  The risk of complications from incomplete therapy care can lead to serious functional impairments.  Physical therapy has always incorporated home exercise as part of treatment plans.  But the progression of a home exercise program is vital to a patient’s care.  This is complicated when you cannot come to a therapy session.

image of doctor providing telemedicine services to patient

Image of JOI Physical therapist providing Telehealth services to a patient

The COVID-19 situation propelled the healthcare system into the age of technology.  Physical therapists adapted as well.  The government has relaxed the regulations regarding telehealth and telemedicine.  This allows physical therapists to have online sessions with their patients.  Online sessions or telehealth sessions allow patients to set an appointment for therapy that is held over the computer.  This allows patients to remain in their homes for therapy while they receive instruction from their therapist.  Telehealth allows the therapists to observe exercises and movement.  Therapists can demonstrate exercise techniques for patients and instruct them on how to progress the home exercises.


Can My Therapist Come To My Home for Therapy?

Yes! In some cases, patients who cannot come into the office still need hands-on care.  This may include joint manipulation, massage, or stretching.  Patients can have their therapist come their home for therapy sessions under these circumstances.  At JOI, we call this the JOI Rehab Bridge Program.  It “bridges” the gap between care at home and our offices.


Does My Insurance pay for Online or Home Therapy Sessions?

In most cases, insurance companies cover online or telehealth sessions and “Bridge” or home therapy sessions.  They usually cover these visits the same as traditional office visits.  Even initial evaluations with your therapist are covered for telehealth and home therapy sessions.

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