Is My Finger Broken?

By Johnny Barthel, OT, CHT

How Do I Know if my Finger is Broken?

Here is the quick answer to How do I know if my Finger is Broken?

What happened? 

How do I know if my finger is broken? The mechanism of injury or MOI is very telling if you broke your finger. Some injuries are known for breaking a tendon or ligament and not a bone. Pain hours after an injury is a good indicator that there might be a break or sprain.

anatomy of bones of the hand

How do I know if my finger is broken?

How do I know if my Finger is Broken? Can you move the finger?

Many people will answer yes; however, the question really should be, “can you move it like you could before the injury.”  You may still be able to move a finger that is broke. If you can not move or straighten it without extreme pain, you need to have a doctor look at it.

Is it crooked or sticking out in the wrong direction?

Or was it,  and someone popped it back in place?  This could be a dislocation, meaning out of joint. A dislocation sometimes has a fracture too. You may have swelling and bruising as well. If your finger is bent or crooked, you need to have a doctor examine it.

Are You Experiencing a Bruise or Swelling?

Even a “sprain” can bruise and swell; however, with broken bones you will experience a deep dark purple-blue-black color.  If swelling stays in the finger or area for several days, it will not hurt to have a doctor examine it.

Should You Visit the ER?

If you are not bleeding, yes, you can wait a day or two and see if “Mother Nature” helps it heal. However, if it is pointing in the wrong direction or looks wrong, get an x-ray and see your doctor. Sometimes fractures in the hand and wrist are so small that they do not show up on an x-ray immediately, and the ER tells you it is not broken. However, if pain and lack of motion persist, you should have a doctor examine it.

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