Hip Resurfacing

By Brett P. Frykberg, MD

Hip Resurfacing

Watch this VIDEO about a success story of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing by Dr. Brett Frykberg.

Hip resurfacing or the Birmingham Hip is a procedure where a metal cap is placed at the top of the femur and connected to a metal lining that is placed in the pelvic socket. It is an alternative to a total hip replacement with an advantage being minimal bone loss. The disadvantages, however, include availability being limited to only males.

It has just been reported by The Telegraph that professional tennis player Andy Murray has undergone hip resurfacing surgery in London. Murray decided to go through with the procedure in hopes of getting rid of the constant pain he felt in his hip. Depending on how he recovers, he may never play again. The Telegraph states that Murray has been in contact with world-class tennis player Bob Bryan, who is the only tennis professional to come back to the sport after the procedure. Dr. Frykberg has successfully performed this procedure on several local tennis players and professionals. Therefore, there is no need to live with this type of hip pain. Give us call and get back on the courts!

Want to learn more about this procedure? Watch this VIDEO.

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Brett Frykberg, MD

To learn more about hip resurfacing from JOI’s very own Brett P. Frykberg, please read this ARTICLE.  Dr. Frykberg is a fellowship trained Total Joint Replacement specialist at the JOI San Marco location. Finally, he is the only surgeon is the Northeast Florida region who is performing this procedure.

brett frykberg, MD

Image of Dr. Brett Frykberg

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