Hip Flexor Strain

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Hip Flexor Strain
So what is a hip flexor strain? It is an injury to the muscles that run along the front of your hip. It can vary in severity and symptoms. Anywhere from a mild pain that is annoying to a severe pain that inhibits your ability to walk or raise your leg. Typically hip flexor injuries are caused from overuse. Runners and dancers that repetitively need to flex their hip or raise their leg are prone to these injuries. Fortunately most hip flexor injuries respond well to ice, rest and light stretching.

Hip Flexors
Hip flexors are a group of muscles that cross over the front of your hip. As their name applies, they help flex your hip. These muscles are used every time you walk. They help lift your leg in order to swing it forwards. These same muscles also help pull your leg up when putting on a sock or shoe. If you like to walk or put shoes on by yourself, keep these muscles strong.

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