Hip Fracture

By Ehren Allen PT, COMPT

Hip Fracture

If you would like to learn more about Hip Fractures, click here: hip fracture.  The physicians at JOI treat all types of hip and femur fractures.  Usually, these fractures occur during a fall or car accident.  A fracture to the femur or the hip joint itself is a very serious injury.  You should seek medical attention right away.  You must also be careful not to move the person until EMS arrives.

A hip fracture can be treated by a JOI orthopedic specialist.

3D Rendering of male pelvis, leg bones, and ligaments.

There are several types of femur fractures which can occur.  The picture below illustrates the various type of fractures of the femur bone in the upper leg.  The only way to know which type of femur fracture you have is to get an x-ray and to be properly evaluated by a physician.

Types of Femur Fractures

Fractures to the femur bone

JOI has several orthopedic physicians that treat hip and femur fractures.  Follow this link to get to the hip physician’s page.  Depending on the type of fracture, surgery may be needed to properly set the bone for optimal healing.

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By: Ehren Allen PT, COMPT

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