Hilliard Senior High School

By Lauren Whetzel, ATC

Hilliard Middle Senior High School

Hilliard Middle Senior High School (HMSHS) is located in rural Hilliard, Florida; in Nassau County. The Hilliard Red Flashes have this name due to the town’s former position of being Florida’s statistical lightening capital.

The school offers education from 5th-12th grades, as both a middle school and a high school combined, the athletes are able to form a connection and learn the coaching style early on. This allows for a bond to form with all athletes, parents, and coaches.

Middle schoolers also get the opportunity to help out on the sidelines at games, being ball holders or water managers, exposing them to the excitement before they can start their high school careers.

Hilliard Middle Senior High School Logo - Home of the Flashes

HMSHS – Home of the Flashes

Athletics at Hilliard Middle Senior High School

Hilliard offers 15 different sports with the newest addition being both the men’s and women’s tennis teams, where their home courts have a new resurface to them. In addition, Hilliard reached the State Championships in men’s basketball in the 2019/2020 season where they lost by one point. The football season also had an outstanding regular season going undefeated during their 2020/2021 run. The weightlifting and track & field teams also make frequent appearances at the state championships.

Administration & Staff

HMSHS has one Athletic Trainer from Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute on staff, Lauren Whetzel MS ATC LAT. The team doctor for the Red Flashes is Dr. Gregory Smith.  Dr. Smith is the Chief of Surgery at Baptist Nassau. Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute has been a sports medicine provider since Fall 2018, supplying coverage for all sports during the fall, winter, and spring season.

Jason Collins is the Athletic Director at the high school.  Click HERE to go to the school’s homepage.

The sports medicine team behind the Hilliard Flashes is here for you too! To schedule and appointment, call 904-JOI-2000, or click the link below.

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