Have Shoulder Pain?

By Dr. Bruce Steinberg, Orthopedic Surgeon

Shoulder Pain?

“In just the last few years, more than any other area of the upper extremity, the shoulder has seen the most dramatic advancement in treatment options,” says Dr. Bruce Steinberg, a physician at the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute. That’s encouraging news for anyone dealing with shoulder pain, especially those who have felt “living with it” was their only option. Using amazing breakthroughs such as muscle tendon transfers, the latest in arthroscopy and implant technology, doctors at JOI are making believers out of a quickly increasing number of shoulder pain sufferers.

Arthroscopic Surgery for the Shoulder

Here’s a look at these amazing procedures: MUSCLE TENDON TRANSFER A muscle is no longer functioning. This previously insurmountable obstacle is now overcome by transferring a working muscle to perform the old muscle’s task. Motion and function are miraculously restored. ARTHROSCOPIC SHOULDER TREATMENT A tiny camera is inserted into a small incision about one cm in length. Through two to three equally small incisions, work is completed quickly with minimal tissue damage. Arthroscopic shoulder treatment may help with rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, frozen shoulder and more.

Implants for the Shoulder 

IMPLANT TECHNOLOGY Receive a “new shoulder” with an advanced implant. Having a functioning rotator cuff is no longer required. Patients who were previously unable to lift an arm and had extreme pain, now have an option wherein function is restored and pain is resolved. Another benefit to seeking treatment from the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute is that all the needed care is available through JOI including diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.


The result is more comprehensive, seamless care leading to a better overall experience for the patient. “It takes a lot of effort and determination to continually bring in the most effective techniques and technologies,” says Steinberg, a JOI physician for the last 13 years and a Harvard Graduate. “But when you see the results and get such great positive feedback from patients, it’s all worth it.”

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Shoulder Pain

Have Pain in the Shoulder?

JOI Rehab – Shoulder Pain

Are you suffering from shoulder issues, joint pain, or injuries resulting from any type of activity? JOI has 12 physical therapy clinics conveniently located in Jacksonville and Northeast FL who specialize in orthopedic rehab.  JOI and JOI Rehab have assembled the best team of physicians and therapist shoulder specialists.  We work together to develop the best treatments programs which produce an outstanding outcome for your shoulder injury.  JOI is Where The Pro’s Go and so should you.

Shoulder ROM Exercises

JOI Rehab Shoulder ROM Exercises

If your ROM is decreased due to pain, these exercises can help you regain the motion that you have lost.  When doing the exercises, make sure that these are done within your limits of pain.  You should not push these exercises beyond your pain limits.

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Shoulder Pain

Posterior Shoulder Pain

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By: Dr. Bruce Steinberg, Orthopedic Surgeon 

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