Treatment of Wrist pain & Sprains, Hand & Thumb pain

By Garry S. Kitay, MD

Treatment of Wrist pain & Sprains, Hand pain, Thumb pain

The doctors of the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute have brought a lot of medical firsts to the First Coast.  From the Charite artificial disk for the spine to other groundbreaking procedures for the knee, shoulder, Hand (Advertorial) and more. While these amazing advancements are certainly worth all the press they receive, equally impressive advancements for the hand sometimes seem to get lost in the shuffle.

JOI physicians can help with your hand problems such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Woman with hand pain.

At the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, hand specialists are helping patients each day using innovative new techniques and the latest medical devices to deliver never before possible treatment options.

Dr. Garry Kitay

“It’s so exciting whenever we can provide a new level of care,” says JOI physician Dr. Garry Kitay, who has been with JOI since 1996. Dr. Kitay cites recent advancements such as nerve graft conduits and fracture specific implants.  Some of the new procedures JOI can offer to our patients. “There’s a reason so many people see JOI as the area hand experts. We are passionate about making the latest and greatest solutions available for our patients,” adds Kitay.

“For example,” continues Kitay, “previously, if a patient had a laceration causing nerve loss in the hand, a nerve from another part of the patient’s body was put in its place. Often this was from the forearm or somewhere else a nerve was less crucial. Feeling was brought back to the hand but at the expense of another part of the body. Now, with artificial nerve graft conduits, the rest of the body can remain untouched while the hand regains use of the nerve.”

With this kind of help available for less common ailments, imagine what JOI physicians can do with more typical problems such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treatment for Hand Injuries

For carpal tunnel, unlike many other practices, JOI offers endoscopic treatment. Using an endoscope, an incredibly small camera inserted through the tiniest of incisions for enhanced visualization, patients benefit from decreased trauma to the hand and thus a healthier, quicker recovery.

With arthritis, the goal today is to preserve function. Previously, large portions of the hand needed to be fused as the best method of treatment. “Now we have options where JOI can salvage much more and fuse less.”

Treatment options like these are emblematic of what JOI strives for–the best care for patients delivered by the most highly trained staff possible.

An Extra Helping Hand

One of the most significant benefits of choosing JOI for hand care is that the practice operates its own advanced rehabilitation facilities with more certified hand specialists than anywhere else in town.

The benefit is JOI doctors can communicate daily with the therapists to monitor progress and ensure the most individual attention possible. From a medical standpoint, having an in-house rehabilitation facility is just another reason JOI is the best choice for patients.

Patients with slight to severe pain should call JOI as soon as possible. After all, they want you to have a hand that can hold on to everything but pain.

JOI and JOI Rehab

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