Groin Strains / Pulls (Video)

By Michael Yorio, MD

Groin Strains / Pulls

Watch this VIDEO by Dr. Michael Yorio to learn more about Groin Strains / Pulls.

Groin Strain:

Happens when the adductor muscles go beyond their normal range of motion. The adductor muscles are located on the inside of the thigh where it meets the pelvis.

When Should I See a Doctor for Groin Pain?

You should see a doctor if the symptoms persist and do not improve with rest. Your doctor may consider further imaging including x-rays or an MRI to further investigate symptoms. If there is severe bruising or a palpable, tender mass that was not present before the time of injury, seeing a doctor should be considered as this may indicate a groin hernia or groin tear that may require surgical interventions.

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