General Arthroscopy

By Jon Stiffler, PTA/Sports Center Manager

Overview of General Arthroscopy

General Arthroscopy is a type of surgical procedure which allows surgeons to look into affected joints to diagnose and treat small problems. Some common injuries treated are meniscal and cartilage tears in knees and labrum tears in shoulders and hips. The procedure is minimally invasive and involves making just a few small incisions around the affected joint. Once the incisions are made, a small camera, which measures about the size of a pencil, is inserted into the joint to find the problem. In addition, water is constantly flushing through the joint. This is to increase visibility because usually blood is blocking the view.

Arthroscopy is a new, minimally invasive procedure.

General Arthroscopy

Once the problem is found, other instruments are inserted through the remaining incisions to fix the problem. A common application for the knee is removing the damaged pieces of cartilage or meniscus. This leaves the healthy pieces intact to heal. Arthritis may also be smoothed out if it is causing pain or damage to the surrounding tissues. In some cases, the tears in the joint, such as cartilage or labrum, may be repaired depending on severity and surrounding healthy tissue. Regardless of what is done inside the joint, an arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure. Patients will almost always go home the same day of the surgery.

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JOI Fracture and Injury Care

JOI Physicians are currently offering ASAP Fracture care. Make an appointment by calling (904)JOI-2000. This is a new option for patients who would like to avoid the emergency room if they have suffered a fracture or soft tissue injury. Also, to learn more about this service, read this article about fracture and injury care.

By: Jon Stiffler, PTA/Sports Center Manager

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