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JOI Fitness Tips

JOI Fitness Tips

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Don’t forget your warmup

Warming up before exercise is essential to preventing injury. Beginning each workout with a low intensity exercise raises your heart rate, as well as warms up your muscles in order to prepare your body for more intense exercise. Dynamic stretching is also frequently used with low intensity exercise as part of a warmup routine. Dynamic stretching is stretching with movements that typically mimic activities performed during a workout, and they are most effective prior to exercise.

Perform static stretching AFTER your workout

Performing static stretches after your workout routine is important for injury prevention as well. A post-workout stretch allows your muscles to lengthen after they are already warm, which helps relieve the feeling that your muscles are tight after exercising. Static stretches are held in a still position and are better for after exercise because they are used to increase flexibility and cool down.


It is easy to forget to drink water while exercising, but without proper hydration you become fatigued much faster and can become dizzy and unstable. Water helps keep muscles active for longer periods and is essential for fueling your body for exercise. Hydration allows you to endure a higher-level workout and exercise for a more extended period.

Find an exercise you enjoy

Finding an exercise you enjoy is important and individual for each person. If you don’t like how you are exercising, it will be harder to stay motivated and continue to workout. If you are having trouble finding an exercise that is right for you, visit our Alternative Exercises to Running page!

When starting a new fitness routine, ease into it

It is important when starting a new fitness plan to ease into your workouts. Starting a program at too high of intensity or working out too frequently can cause your muscles to become more fatigued for longer periods and can increase your chance of injury. This increases soreness, which can lead to lower motivation, as well as abandoning the fitness plan altogether.

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