Fernandina Beach High School

By Michelle Duclos, LAT, ATC

Fernandina Beach High School

Fernandina Beach High School is located in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island in the North Easternmost portion of Florida approximately one mile from the ocean. The high school is home to over 900 students with 20 different interscholastic sports teams.

Sports Medicine at FBHS

JOI has been the proud sports medicine provider for FBHS since 2015. With a location only a mile and a half away, JOI has made it its mission to increase ease of access to quality rehabilitation and care for the athletes of FBHS. The team physician Dr. Gregory Smith has been with FBHS for over 20 years providing exceptional care for the school’s students and athlete population.

Dr. Smith has been on staff at Baptist Medical Center Nassau since 1997. He is the Chief of Surgery of Baptist Medical Center – Nassau. His areas of expertise include

  • Sports Medicine
  • Pediatric Injuries and Fractures
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy

Dr. Smith’s vast experience serving as the team physician for Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Hilliard, West Nassau, Charlton County, and Camden County High Schools, a volunteer coach for many youth sports through the YMCA, and a physician member for USA Amateur Boxing gives him unique insight into the care of the athletes of FBHS. He utilizes these experiences to ensure the best and more appropriate level of care to get the athletes back on the field or court as quickly and safely as possible.

Dr. Smith’s clinic shares a lobby with the rehabilitation center, again only a mile and a half away from the school. This proximity ensures that athletes can be seen quickly. This enables them to speak with Dr. Smith during a rehabilitation session or vice versa. Further building the cohesive nature that JOI strives to provide between rehabilitation clinicians and the doctors.

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Athletic Department at Fernandina Beach High School

Fernandina Beach High Schools’ Athletic Director, Mary Walker, is the former Athletic Trainer for the school. Mary served as the Athletic Trainer for over 20 years before shifting into her role as the Athletic Director. The Athletic Trainer is Raphael Patino, ATC, LAT. Raphael began working with the school at the beginning of the 2020 school year; he came up from working with high schools in South Florida and working and traveling with professional tennis players and lacrosse players.
Fernandina Beach High School’s football program saw unprecedented success in the 2021 season under the leadership of Coach Jude Swearingen.

Coach Swearingen has been coaching the team since 2001 and took over the role of head coach in 2018. In 2021 the team won their first playoff game and the first home playoff game win in school history.

The Fernandina Beach Softball Lady Pirates made it all the way to win their district under the leadership of Coach Chris. Pirates tennis, led by Coaches Marc and Juliana Durr, the team secured second place in districts. Pirates wrestling also had a fantastic season, not only making it to the county championship but winning and becoming the county champions. Overall, Fernandina Beach had a spectacular year of athletic accomplishments during the 2020-2021 school year.

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