Episcopal High School

By Andrew Orpiano, ATC, LAT

About the Episcopal School of Jacksonville

Episcopal School of Jacksonville (ESJ) is located in the St. Nicholas area of Jacksonville, FL which is nearby San Marco and along the St. Johns River. The school was founded in 1966 and currently offers grades 6 through 12 at the Munnerlynn campus.

Episcopal Logo

Episcopal School Logo

Athletics at ESJ

Episcopal Athletics includes 18 sports teams with Beach Volleyball being the newest addition in 2021. Athletic events are held on the main campus. However, ESJ also has a second facility known as the Knight Campus. This hosts Tennis, Beach Volleyball, and practice fields for soccer and lacrosse. In addition, Episcopal has earned State Championships in:

  • Baseball (2006)
  • Boys Cross Country (1987, 2003)
  • Girls Cross Country (1982, 1987, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • Boys Rowing (1997)
  • Girls Rowing (1998, 2004)
  • Boys Swimming (1976, 1977, 1978, 1979)
  • Girls Track (2007)

Administration & Staff of ESJ

The JOI Athletic Trainer works closely with the Episcopal Athletics Department to promote athlete safety. The ESJ Director of Athletics is Andy Kidd and his staff consists of Assistant ADs, Kasse Eppley and Chip Stroud, Assistant Athletic Coordinator, Matt Flakus, and Mary Krombach. Also, DaShaun Gibbons is the Director of Strength and Conditioning and collaborates with the JOI ATC to implement injury prevention programs and strategies for all athletic teams.

Sports Medicine at ESJ

Episcopal School of Jacksonville and JOI has an established partnership that began over ten years ago. JOI is very proud to be a Sports Medicine Partner with Episcopal.  The current JOI Sports Medicine Team for ESJ consists of Team Physician, Dr. Carlos Tandron, and Certified Athletic Trainer, Andrew Orpiano.

Dr. Tandron is an orthopaedic surgeon and his clinic practice is located at JOI San Marco. Andrew Orpiano provides sports medicine coverage for all ESJ student-athletes and rehabilitation services at JOI Rehab San Marco.

Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute

The sports medicine team that takes care of the Episcopal Eagles is here for you too!  To schedule and appointment, call 904-JOI-2000, or click the link below.

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